Results-Based Technical Services is a powerful tool used by E&P companies worldwide

We offer our technical services on a results basis, not a time basis because it is the results that are important to your business. We believe you should pay for results, not for efforts. Almost all other consulting companies prefer to structure contracts on a time based system, so that if issues arise, it benefits them. We work with you to break a project down into the desired results - we call these Deliverables, and this is what we work to deliver.

We think that it is important to understand what result you need, and then we can quickly get aligned on our common goals.

Through deliverable based services you gain access to expertise that you need for your projects. In today's network economy, companies are organizing their work in a different way. One of the benefits of results-based technical services is the ability to adapt when activity levels change.

Results-based technical services allows you to reach professionals who are in high demand or are only needed for a short time. People resources become available easily allowing you to manage your internal staff levels and projects.

When you work with a deliverable based technical services company such as Ballycatter Engineering, you are able to use our streamlined integration process. This saves time and gives you the opportunity to go from idea to execution rapidly. We are your results-based technical services partner that makes your projects work.

Ballycatter Engineering is a results-based technical services company that offers solutions for the oil and gas industry.

We work to deliver the results you need

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