How to Optimize Production from Mature Oil and Gas Assets

There is always additional oil and gas to be produced from mature fields. The key is to efficiently identify and execute opportunities so the production decline can be flattened. This whitepaper describes the challenges and solutions of optimizing oil and gas production from mature assets in a step-by-step guide.

How to increase oil and gas production

Production engineering tool for mature assets

Kickoff your oil and gas opportunities

Well Abandonment Early Warning System

Implementing a system which can categorize and identify potential problem wells before abandonment activities begin can provide value to an E&P company by improving the estimates carried for abandonment, and better preparing for the ultimate conclusion in the lifecycle of a well.

Solutions to potential integrity issues

Organize well data with purpose

Using technology to assist judgement decisions

Achieve Top Results with Project Phases

Using a structured approach that is scalable to all projects in any organization, this whitepaper demonstrates the value of a phased project approach. Refined processes are presented which can have a direct impact on the bottom line.

Enable clear communication in the project team

Make better decisions

Avoid project failures

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